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‘Entertainer’ Mark Hughes cartwheels into Stoke

By: Ben Teague




Ben Teague ( 6.22 )

Joined   21 Jun 2010

And so, Stoke’s cry for a manager more capable of bringing entertaining football to the Britannia has been answered in the shape of Mark ‘let me entertain you’ Hughes. The Welshmen, vows to do everything he can in his quest to bring entertaining football to Stoke, but stops short of “throwing the baby out with the bathwater.” He we were, hoping for some kind of infant related plumbing mishap.

Hughes, who has been out of work since getting the boot from QPR, signed a 3 year contract with the Potters. He will fill the robust, tough tackling, direct football shaped hole left by fellow countrymen Tony Pulis with his own blend of, you’ve guessed it, robust, tough tackling, direct football. It would be harder to think of an available candidate within Stoke’s reach, that closer resembles Pulis’ style of football.

So there you have it: an almost pointless process of firing and hiring managers. At least the transition of Mark Hughes for Tony Pulis should be relatively seamless. Which, will likely leave Stoke where they began, in mid table mediocrity, apparently craving entertaining football.


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