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Craig Bellamy pours water over Ref during Cardiff’s 3-2 over Man City

By: Ben Teague




Ben Teague ( 6.22 )

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Earlier on this afternoon, Cardiff City won their first game of the season with a shock victory over Manchester City, following two headed goals by Frazier Campbell.

The historic result was not the only shock during an eventful second half which hosted all five goals. Referee Lee Probert got a shock of his own, when cheeky-chappy Craig Bellamy – who seems never to be too far away from courting a bit of naughty horse-play – decided to pour the remainder of his water bottle over the officials head during a stop in play.

Probert though, either showing a sense of humour or being too embarrassed to confront Bellamy’s obvious contempt for those in authority, laughed off the soaking as a bit of light-hearted banter. Whether there is an explicit rule against soaking a referee or not, it was ‘refreshing’ to see that Probert thankfully resisted reaching for his pocket. You’ve to watch that Bellamy like a hawk.


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