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Wenger on Hodgson: ‘You have to be careful what you say’

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• Wenger: What happens in dressing room has to remain there
• Manager more likely to be aggressive than to tell jokes

Arsène Wenger believes the furore over Roy Hodgson's space monkey joke is a warning that even comments made in the dressing room can no longer be regarded as sacrosanct.

Hodgson has expressed his anger that his England side's achievement in reaching the World Cup has been overshadowed by the leaking of a joke he told in the dressing room at half-time in the qualifier against Poland. Hodgson issued an apology for any offence caused by his comments, which were designed to illustrate the need to get the ball quickly to Andros Townsend. The Tottenham Hotspur player tweeted on Thursday morning to say no offence .......

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