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The Joy of Six: Liverpool and Newcastle United | Scott Murray

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From the 4-3 classic to an 11-goal thriller in 1909, via the Toon spanking nine past the Reds in a 1934 shellacking

1) Liverpool 4-3 Newcastle United (April 1996)

Let's get it out of the way first. No other fixture between two of English football's behemoths has conjured up a singular, definitive occasion such as this. Whether it's the greatest 90 minutes of the Premier League era, as is often claimed, is a separate argument: teams have traded a higher number of goals; more meaningful winners have been scored later in the season; better sides have gone nose-to-nose in bona fide summit meetings. But as far as drama, plot, subtext and good old-fashioned base entertainment goes, only a churl would pick fault. This famous match was a perfect storm of sparklin.......

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