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Football transfer rumours: Nemanja Matic to return to Chelsea?

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Today's rumours are the square root of FriarTuck-all

Some people just don't get stuff. You know the sort, bad boys always catching their eye, hooway, hoowye, the bad boys, always spinning their mind, hooway, hoowye - and there's simply nothing that can be done. In 2007, Systematic, Hydromatic, Ultramatic, Nemanja Matic signed for Chelsea from Kosice, and spent two years performing the cube root of DonaldDuck-all, making just two appearances – and one of those as a 69th minute sub – before being dispatched to Benfica as part of the deal that inflicted David Luiz on the Chelsea back four. But now, as José Mourinho pursues his policy of aggravation by recreation, he actually wants to come back. Next: Asier del Horno.

And Mourinho's influence sti.......

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