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Winds of change now gale-force at Goodison

By: Ed Bottomley




Ed Bottomley ( 0.68 )

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EVERTON 1 (Naismith 45) – CHELSEA 0 It’s a funny thing but the more we find out about Roberto Martinez the more we learn about his predecessor. Take for example Ross Barkley; an ever present in the league so far this season under Martinez and now possessed of a full England cap. Yet at the end of last season, just 12 weeks from the start of this season, under Moyes, he was a fringe player, an unused substitute in the last two games of the campaign. Now, quite suddenly, Everton have the most talked about young player in the country. Something happened; unless he’s been eating Shredded Wheat it’s doubtful his physical development, or positional sense, or anything in fact could have changed much in that short time-frame. What has changed of course is the manager. Martinez trusts his youngsters, Moyes did not. Take yesterday for example; would Moyes have brought on John Stones as an .......

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