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Sporting the latest cricketing fashions: From the archive, 11 July 1921

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Are England's cricketers too preoccupied with wearing the correct kit to focus on playing well?

A dreadful doubt crosses the mind in connection with our various sports disasters of the last few years. Has it anything to do with dress? At least Shimidzu, the great Japanese lawn tennis player, who has the advantage of a detached view, has been suggesting that we are too much preoccupied with correct kit for our games and not enough with correct play.

Can there be anything in the suggestion? Some of us certainly can remember the days when even county cricket players were very much less particular about dress on the field than is the case now, when the flannels of professionals were much less immaculate, their boots much less "natty," and their hair much less nuttish than at present. The present writer has lived long enough to have .......

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